NNO advices for the 3rd day of Japan Expo 2015

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Écrit par Thomas | Publié le samedi 4 juillet 2015 à 14:19 | Événement

The heat is strong and the Nihon no OTO team is also covering Japan Expo this year.

Sakura scene :

- 12:30am – 1pm : The YAIBA group, who mixes rock and Japanese instrumental and is also at the origin of the Naruto Shippûden and the latest Naruto movies soundtracks, are offering you this showcase where you will be able to listen again to the most emblematic musics from the Naruto series.

Karasu scene :

3:45pm – 4:30pm : Dempagumi.inc , an idol group already seen at Japan Expo in 2013 and at the origin of the Punch Line opening, is awaiting you for a dynamic and a J-Pop rich showcase.

4:15pm – 5:30pm : Yoshi SADAMOTO , character designer of Neon Genesis Evangelion and guest of honor of Japan Expo, will hold a conference for the 20 years of Evangelion. You'll be soon be able to see his interview on Nihon no OTO.

4:45pm – 5:45pm : VAMPS in showcase, the combo of the l'Arc~en~Ciel singer HYDE and the Oblivion Dust guitarist K.A.Z, who offers us an exclusive rock style, both visually and musically.


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